Two months after being elected co-president, I made a choice.

Gravel path leads to worn wooden planks extending into a rocky dry grass landscape without trees


Two months after being named co-president of AIGA Chicago, I’m stepping aside—not down—and looking forward to what’s next. Next for the board, the chapter, the community, and myself.

Of course I feel a bit sheepish leaving my new post so…

A message of solidarity and a call to action from AIGA Chicago

It’s a designer’s nature to question the world. It’s our responsibility to attempt to understand and solve the problems impacting individuals and systems. It’s human nature to console and comfort those around us.

America has witnessed yet another week of unbearable ugliness and violence. We’ve bared witness to incredible —…

It’s impossible to share our mistakes without talking about regret or pain or loss. But it’s also possible to talk about them as lessons learned, facts found, and truths revealed…. In 2019, I was invited to share my “biggest mistake” in front of 275 people as part of a special…

Why a designer who never wanted children launched a podcast all about creativity and fatherhood.

I started Dadwell & Co. as an independent media project at the intersection of creativity and fatherhood. The Dadwell Podcast shares stories about maker/artist/designer dads who are managing thriving creative practices while remaining present, engaged, kick-ass fathers.

Each episode I pull back the curtain on a different dad’s creative practice…

Antonio García

design leader, public speaker, educator, illustrator, yearly marathoner, occasional beat selector, Head of Design @TableXI, founder & host of @DadwellCo

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